Ayaan ali Pakistani model and also she is working now in commercial with complete different looks a fashion show of Pakistani industry is incomplete without ayyan ali because she is on top  in racing of model and beat every Pakistani actress and model in fashion industry she said that after a fashion show i have received a lot of offers from Bollywood and Indian fashion ministry but money is not matter for me and i don't want to bound myself with Indian media because veena malick is the best example in front of me she is completely bound with Indian culture and media and Pakistani people don't have any sympathy with veena now in this case i don't want to become next target so im happy and completely satisfied with Pakistani fashion industry and my fans im incomplete with out Pakistan because my country is my identity and its mine duty to represent my nation and culture through my profession and its my simple message to other actress you are not able to buy sympathies and a place in hearts of fans of your fans  through money.

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