Mehndi means "Henna" is a common thing in Sub-Continent especially in Pakistan and India. But it is also very famous in Afghanistan. Pashtun girls are fond of Mehndi and Henna. They applies mehndi mostly during weddings ceremonies and other fastivals. I'm Pashto speaker and I know how we are interested in Mehndi. There are many methods of applying mehndi on hands and feet. Hand mehndi is a special item and feet is some popular in girls who like it. I was surprised when I saw Henna on the foreign girls' hands and bodies, I mean the European and Americans to apply mehndi on their hands and feet. Now it is clear that it isn't just popular in Sub-continent now it is becoming world wide fashion. Some designers have the buisness of this fashion and they earn money through to sell different mehndi designs. But mostly girls are buying it from markets and then apply at home. 

Pashtun Afghan Girls Mehndi Henna Picture

Pashtun Afghan Girls Mehndi Henna Picture


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